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Consistent maintenance will lengthen the reliability, comfort & overall life of your septic system. Today, septic systems are designed to provide a healthy environment in and around your home as well as reduce the environmental impact as much as possible. If you want your system to be reliable, it will require proper care and maintenance. Whether you are looking for scheduled maintenance, or our 24hr emergency service. Hennig Septic can look after all septic system services you require to provide a safe & reliable system for your home. 


Holding tanks are liquid storage units, and owners should pump the tank far more frequently than septic tank's. Our fleet of specialized vehicles are equipped for liquid waste removal in residential, commercial and industrial sites. 

A holding tank does just what its name suggests. It holds wastewater from your home. Because it is only a holding tank and doesn’t have a system set up to deal with the waste once it hits the tank, it needs to be emptied once it has reached its capacity. The frequency of pumping will vary, but the average holding tank that gets regular use will need to be pumped out once a month. Smaller holding tanks that get frequent use may need to be emptied more frequently. 


Hennig can supply a truck to pump out small sumps in your garage, shop or business as long as there are no contaminants in it. 


Hennig Septic stocks pumps, floats & saddle's to maintain & repair your septic system. Give us a call for a quote.

**If your septic tank backs up we would highly recommend a service prior to installation. This will save solids from going out to your field.**


Hennig Septic offers home inspection services, if you are buying/selling a home our team can come out and provide verbal pre/post sale septic tank inspection. We highly recommend you have the sewage pumped & system looked at prior to the purchase of a property.

**Can not provide written formal inspection's as septic fields can not physically be seen**

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